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Tokyoghoul is an anime fan-based token based on the Solana blockchain


The latest advantages and developments

TOKO is a product based on Web3 that deploys NFT and Token through smart contracts. We have made a comprehensive and in-depth embedded association between NFT and Token.
In the process of product release and listing, we will continue to improve the product, and users who own NFT can experience the dual benefits of NFT equity feedback and Token value.
At the same time, we have developed a Dapp exclusive to this product for displaying and purchasing NFT, which will be a highlight for us.
TOKO will also release its own cryptocurrency. We will deploy the Token on the Solana through the deployment of smart contracts, and will also allow participants to obtain the Token through presale through Pinksale.
We will accomplish our vision and mission through three aspects:

-Transparent and open project fund flow

Starting from the Token ICO stage, we will disclose the use and whereabouts of all funds raised by the project on our social media accounts. (We keep the private fund transfers of the project team confidential to ensure that the project progress is not captured)

-Construction and operation of social media platforms

We will create a Telegram channel and Telegram community, an official Twitter account, and an official Youtube account to synchronize the real-time updates of the project. Telegram and Youtube will be used as platforms to introduce new users, and Telegram will be used as a communication channel for our project. We will conduct AMAs in channels and groups to show more details of the project

-Ensure the safety and confidentiality of user funds

Through decentralized financial tools, we can ensure the safety and privacy of participants' funds. At the same time, we will log in to Pinksale, put the smart contract authority into the black hole, and lock the liquidity pool in the website of Pinksale's official authorized agent to ensure 100% security of all participants’ funds

-Automated Trading

AI-based trading bots execute trades on behalf of users, leveraging advanced algorithms to identify profitable opportunities and execute transactions with precision and speed. SolAI offers automated trading solutions that enable users to automate their trading strategies, optimize execution, and capitalize on market opportunities 24/7.

-Market Sentiment Analysis

AI algorithms analyze social media, news articles, and other sources of information to gauge market sentiment and identify emerging trends and patterns. By incorporating sentiment analysis into its platform, SolAI provides users with valuable insights into market sentiment, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of market movements.
Three major issues in traditional NFT market transactions

1: NFT lacks liquidity

Because traditional NFT does not have a liquidity pool and can only rely on simple pending orders for transactions, the transaction delay is greatly increased, and the true value of NFT is difficult to be reflected.

2: NFT price bubble is too big and has no anchor

Because traditional NFTs are not associated with any valuable applications or tokens, they can only rely on market promotion for value evaluation, resulting in the value of many NFTs creating huge bubbles, confusing subsequent participants, and wasting a lot of money.

3: Traditional series of NFTs have too large a circulation,
which greatly reduces the collection value

Because traditional NFTs rely on databases for generation, many issuers do not limit the number of NFTs at the beginning of issuance, which often leads to an overflow of NFTs and greatly reduces the value of NFTs.
Media platform construction

1.Build Telegram community and Twitter official account

2.Launch marketing campaigns on social media and Telegram communities

3.Create an official YOUTUBE account

4.Create an official Discord channel

Preparation before launch

1.Log in to Pinksale Launchpad

2.Start public presale process

Pre-sale stage marketing plan

1.CoinGecko(CG) Submit Application

2.JOJO avatar uploaded to DEXView

3.JOJO avatar uploaded to AVEDEX

4.Conduct a giveaway campaign on Twitter

5.Conduct a giveaway campaign on Telegram

launch preparation

1.NFT minting starts

2.Launched on Pinksale for presale

Officially launched

1.Launch on Raydium

2.Open Pinksale claim process

Post-launch marketing plan

1.24-hour fast access to CoinMarketCap (CMC)

2.24-hour fast access to CoinGecko(CG)

3.Login to AVEDEX TOP

Login to CEX

1.Listed on Lbank

2.Listed on MEXC

3.Listed on

4.Listed on Bitget

Project Vision and Mission

The vision of our team in creating TOKO is to change the status quo of the decentralized encryption world and hope to build a decentralized financial market without dumping or lies.

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